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Covid 19

Welcome to the Uibh Laoire “Safe Return To Play” section of our website. This page will be kept up to date with policies and guidelines as we return to training and playing. This is an evolving situation, and we recommend that readers check back regularly, and monitor our social media channels for changes.

Uibh Laoire & Covid 19: About

30 March 2021

The Government announced that non-contact underage training in pods of 15 will be permitted from April 26th and that full contact Inter-County training at adult level can re-commence from April 19th.

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June 21 2020

The GAA have issued a document called “Covid-19: Guidelines on Safe Return to Gaelic Games”.  This document outlines the responsibilities on all parties; The Club Executive, Mentors, Players and Parents and Guardians. Each and every one of us has a part to play. If we all work together, we can look forward to getting back to playings Gaelic games.

A copy of the document can be downloaded here. In the event of a new version being made available, we will endeavour to ensure the above link is always to the latest available version. We urge all players, mentors and parents/guardians to familiarise themselves with the contents of this document.

Updates on 13th June 2020

The GAA issued an updated version of the Safe Return to Play document. Please note our link above is up to date and references the latest version.

There following changes occurred in the new document:

  1. Changes to healthcare questionnaire frequency: It was previously stated that the healthcare questionnaire would need to be filled out prior to every training session. This has been changed. It now must be filled out once prior to return to training. It is the responsibility of the individual to notify their team Covid representative should there be a change in circumstances prior to subsequent sessions.

  2. Temperature monitoring. It was previously stated that the club would be responsible for temperature checks. This responsibility has been removed – it is the responsibility of individuals to monitor their own temperature prior to training.

  3. Healthcare questionnaire changes. Changes to the questions asked, and clarification of the data retention policy has been made.

The official notification of the changes can be read here

In addition, the GAA have updated information on online training:

Details on both training sessions can be found at the GAA Covid-19 education page.

Uibh Laoire & Covid 19: Text

19th June 2020

The Covid-19 Club Education eLearning module for Gaelic Games is now available. This needs to be taken by every Player, Mentor, Covid Supervisor, Club Executive and Parent/Guardian. It takes 20 mins. to complete. It must be done before returning to training/games. The training is available at this link.

Further information on the Return to play Questionaire:

Each person participating in Gaelic Games must complete the Covid Health Questionnaire prior to the first occasion that they return to their club.

Parent / Guardian to complete form on behalf of Under-age player (Under 18)

Each person participating in Gaelic Games must also re-confirm that their Health Status hasn’t changed on each subsequent occasion that they participate.

Go HERE for information on how to fill out the Covid Health Questionnaire.

The Health Questionnaire is available on a mobile responsive webpage at

Important Note:

This guidance should be used only in conjunction with a venue specific risk assessment. Under no circumstances should Covid-19 control measures compromise any existing Health & Safety measures

Uibh Laoire & Covid 19: Text
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